Spring 2013 Newsletter!

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Spring 2013 Newsletter


LSTS Featured on Phocos’ Newsletter!

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Our Haiti project was featured in the Phocos North America February 2013 Newsletter! Phocos supplied the 35 Pico Lamps used during last year’s trip to Leogane, Haiti to benefit the families and students of the George Washington Carver Academy. To read the newsletter, click here:



Join the Solar Lantern Campaign!

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Help Haiti bring the light home…

“After a day of charging the lanterns from the solar panels at school, in the evening we watched the previously dark mountainside begin to light up as each child returned home with a lantern.  It was truly beautiful.” ~Nancy Brenan-Jordan

Join our Solar Lantern Campaign and our mission to bring solar energy lanterns to the children of Haiti.  With each sponsored lantern, children have the opportunity to bring solar energy into their homes, providing electricity and  light to their families and neighbors.  Be part of our movement to continue lighting up the communities of Haiti and helping the Haitian people create a sustainable future.



Running for Power!

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Bill and Nancy Jordan joined fifth graders at a Yonkers public school in their marathon event to benefit  Let’s Share the Sun!

Check out Bill on TV here: http://yonkerspublicschools.org/1112news-Pulaski-Go-Green.php


October Fundraiser is a Success!

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Our first local Let’s Share the Sun Foundation Fundraiser was a huge success. On October 15th, 2011, over one hundred people gathered at Pat’s Barn in the Rennselear Technology Park to celebrate the mission of the Let’s Share the Sun Foundation. We raised $4,250. which will be dedicated to the completion of the solar electrification of the Quanaminthe School. This donation will make a concrete sustainable difference in the lives of these students and the larger community.

Richard Hansen, the President of Soluz, returned to Haiti on October 17th, just two days after our event, and shared ten of the sponsored lanterns with the students from the Quanaminthe school. This is what makes us different. As a small nonprofit with strong working partners in Haiti, we can ensure that your generous donations will reach Haitian people quickly.

Thank you so much to all who attended or donated! You helped light up the lives of these young students.


Success at the RF!

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We are very pleased to report that our two latest installations (sixteen panels at the Notre Dame Haiti Program Residence Filariose and two at a mountain community school) were both successful! We are thankful to everyone who has made this possible, especially Mr. Richard Hansen of Soluz, Mr. Jensen Auguste, Fr. Tom Streit and each and every person who donated to our cause. We could not be more proud of the work that was done!


Nancy Brennan-Jordan shares a reflection written after her September 2010 Haiti trip

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Our trip to Haiti is amazing. Never before have I witnessed such poverty, devastation, resourcefulness, brokenness, faith, hope and beauty all in one week. There is so much need here one is lost to know where we can begin to help. As I sat in my mosquito tent last night, I prayed to God with so many questions, tears, gratitude, and awe.

Why is it that the poorest country in the Western hemisphere had to suffer such a devastating earthquake on Jan 12th?

From where do the Haitian people find their strength to go on, to pick up the rubble, and rebuild their houses, schools, hospitals, roads, churches, and lives?

One of our translators today told us that he believes that although the earthquake brought so much pain, death, and suffering, many blessings have emerged; before the people were not united and now they see themselves as one people. The immediate days after the earthquake, if you had food or water you immediately shared with your neighbor and that spirit of sharing has persisted.

Over and over I hear  “Yes, we need solar energy in Haiti. The sun is abundant in Haiti and we have great hope we will rebuild our country.” When I saw 24 car batteries attached to a generator outside of the Notre Dame Research Center today I said to myself, this is a concrete and practical way we can make a difference.

The Lets Share the Sun Foundation is committed to bringing solar energy to Haiti in 2011 and I am passionate about working together to make it happen.



Second Install in Leogane

Written by MaryBeth Manny. Posted in Project News

The second phase of our installation of solar panels in the Notre Dame Center in Leogane, Haiti is set for July 25, 2011. A few members of our team, including Co-Founder Nancy Brennan-Jordan, will be traveling to Leogane to document this exciting event. We are very grateful for the many contributions that made this possible!

Let’s Share the Sun

The sun is a resource for all to share in common. Ironically, many of the economically poorest parts of the world receive an abundance of the sun’s rays. The Let's Share the Sun Foundation invites people to join together, share their diverse talents, resources, and realities, and help capture the sun’s energy in ways that improve the lives of people in poor communities and enhances the lives of all those who choose to participate in the Foundation’s endeavors.

Our Mission

Let’s Share the Sun Foundation aspires to facilitate the use of solar energy in poor communities around the world where harnessing the power of the sun will enhance the quality of life of those communities. The Foundation helps install solar power in some of the poorest parts of the world, including Africa, Asia and Latin America: places that are rich in their access to the sun but lack fundamental resources.